Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not Funny, Pennsylvania. Not Funny.


NaDell said...

Yeah, it's good for them to target people that way! Sheesh!
Way to show PA how criminals can find people too. I think you should come to more PTA meetings.

isaac stanfield said...

I guess I should be thankful that states don't have predator drones yet. And do you guys light garbage cans on fire at your meetings? Because I like meetings that light garbage cans on fire.

NaDell said...

Maybe if we had a reason to do that, we would. Probably not, but you should still come. =)

isaac stanfield said...

Yeah, but doing it is a reason in itself. It would be awesome.

April said...

This commercial makes me want to barf.

I don't have anything else intelligent to say...just...BARF.

Tom said...

Wow. That's impressive. What is even more impressive is that it's all too real enough that I'm sure this sort of tracking has been going on for years.

I mean, after all, they already own everything I possess (my car, my money, my possessions, etc). Take your car, for example. I have the title to it, but the title reads "Certificate of Title" which, by itself, would imply that the actual title is held elsewhere by someone I don't know. Why do I not have the actual title? Who knows.

What's more, even if someone were, some day, to provide me with the actual title, even then I don't own it. Why? Well, because I have to go to them (i.e. any of the multitudinous government agencies who control whether I get to drive my car on an annual basis or not) to get approved (i.e. emissions, inspections, fees, taxes, etc). If they don't approve me, then the car is useless and the title still in their hands.

Then, I'm left to my driver's license, without which my car is mostly useless anyway. Deny my renewal for whatever reason and, once again, I'm hopelessly lost.

Lucky for me we live in a free country. I'd hate to see what the restrictions would be like if we were living in a not-free country. :)