Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On Food Storage

I recommend this blog post from Alan Rock Waterman. I really enjoyed it, and it never hurts to get a reminder about what your priorities are and what they should be. I am now officially convinced that I should focus less on guns and ammo and more on food and water, although I still think about getting a slew of Mosin-Nagants at least once a day. But doesn't everyone?


MamaSmith said...

No comment on the gun thing, except I'm Canadian and have no facination with them like some of my friends to the south . But the food storage thing ALL about that!
Leaders have been telling us for years, guess we should et right in that. eh?

isaac stanfield said...
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isaac stanfield said...

Eh! My sarcastic font is broken, so most people won't realize that the thing about focusing on guns was a little sarcastic. I only have a couple of them (but I do have a bit of ammo. But probably not as much as Alton), and Becky is not in support of more of them. Yes, it seems once again the "preparation fetish" that LDS people supposedly have will come in handy once China stops buying bad US debt and the Fed starts printing up trillions of dollars worth of monopoly money. I wonder what percentage of us are actually ready though.

I saw Aaron's announcement yesterday. Good times.